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Main FAQ/Facts Index page

New - valuable pointers for those embarking on concealed carry

R9 DEMO Video!! Thanks to Eric I now have the R9 demo video done by Karl for the 2005 Shot Show - a very nice piece of footage. Right click on the link and save the file - watch and enjoy at leisure (6.4Mb).

(Flash version) 10Mb
R9 Recoil Animation Another attempt to illustrate the correct orientation of recoil components for disassembly/assembly.
R9 Lubrication The original recommended method.
Firearms Lubrication in General The R9 has specific recommended aspects to lubrication, but here is a broad treatise on firearms lubrication in general - a useful reference I think.
R9 Takedown A reproduction of the owner's manual illustration - NOTE - now with the latest dissembly/lube recommendations
R9 Detail pictures Some closer pic's of R9 in stages of dissassembly.
The ''Third hand'' RJ Hedley's use of a vice.
Size Comparisons The R9 photographed against various other guns and objects - first page.
Pocket Semi
A chart showing most sub 6" semi's with dimensions, weight, caliber and current price data - most useful. Most recent version will be on
Ammo' Considerations Links to the left will take you to full test results. This is just a page of overall suggestions.
Night Sights Useful accessory but - probably not viable on R9s.
Sight Paint How the R9s sight picture looks and use of sight paint.
Bullet Tumbling It happens at times - here is the rationale.
A Range Report A Forum member writes a report, as a new owner.
Inner Guide rod An important point to check - and recoil assembly.
Recoil NO-NO's! Vital information to avoid you wrongly reassembling.
Pocket Pistol Chart A Chuck Hawks simplified CCW pistol comparison chart
R9 Review Duane's review of the R9 in Concealed carry magazine.
9mm Gel Tests - some gel tests out of P11 KelTec
Grip Screws Diagram and some information. New, harder screws now in use.
Grip/Hold Method This small gun can be awkward for people to achieve a good grip, but it needs it. My personal suggestion.
Grip Tape to help improve hold A way to help reduce the effects of a small frame and grips on possible sweaty and large hands.
Magazine Changing Taking out a magazine and inserting a new one - one person's way to make it happen - yes, mine!
Magazine Components A look at the magazine components and how to make sure spring goes back in correctly.
Magazine Issues Some mag' matters regarding dimensions.
Magazine Catch Two pic's to show correct engagement of catch and close-up detail.
Takedown and Reassembly Vids Two short video clips to try and show something of the proceedures, albeit only mine!
Proceedure Video of Stills This is a sequence of stills taken of Eric Rohrbaugh demonstrating proceedures with the R9
A Smoothing Suggestion This is something to slightly help with re-installation of the recoil assembly.
Frame Wear Concerns I explain concerns regarding frame wear people see, plus a brief description of the R9 operation cycle.
Posting Pic's on the R9 Forum Some info' to help folks who may find posting images on the forum tricky.
Jottings A new, currently embryonic page for small news/comment items

My list is now getting rather long and not so well organized, sorry - I will endevor soon to restructure that to make things a bit easier! For now I have reduced the font size to shrink the list.

Visitors - any suggestions for further material to be included here, please contact me thru the The Rohrbaugh Forum

Updated October 28th 2006

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