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Recoil Assembly ''No-No's''

Rohrbaugh has recently taken new pic's of the entire recoil assembly - to point out wrong methods of reassembly - a critical and important process. I am posting those pictures, as well as repeating one or two others on this page - it is vital people understand the right and wrong method.

The pictures with accompanying text will soon be going out with every new gun.

First - a view of the ''exploded'' assembly - note end cap position and orientation ..... note also the main (larger) coil spring, has its finished end coil facing toward the guide rod end collar, to right. The unformed end goes into the cup on the left.

Dissassembled recoil assembly

This is Rohrbaugh's suggested and recommended method of compressing main spring for reinsertion of the recoil system into the barrel/slide assembly. Channel-lock pliers are shown.

Correct spring compression method

The first picture showing incorrect assembly. Note well - the end cap is at the incorrect end of the main guide rod, and up against the guide rod collar. WRONG!! ... although the spring unfinished end is inside that cap. The spring and end cap must be removed from this situation and turned 180º - then installed.

End cap and spring 180 degrees out of position.

A second transgression - once more the end cap is at wrong end of main guide rod, and up against the guide rod collar ... this time the spring is also incorrectly oriented!

Solution .... remove mainspring, remove end cap ... place mainspring onto outer guide rod, finished end first .. and then place end cap over main spring's unfinished end.

A further incorrect assembly.

It gets worse!!! Now, not only is the end cap against the guide rod collar but - it is sitting over that - not even against it!!! WRONG!! The mainspring must be removed - and the end cap. Then the mainspring slid over the outer guide rod, finished end first, against the collar. After that, the end cap is placed over the unfinished spring end.

Even worse!!

Fourth in the house of horrors! Basically just as bad as previous picture but spring also reversed. Rather academic really as this is again a seriously WRONG situation.

The mainspring and end cap must be removed .. and the spring turned 180º and slid over outer guide rod so that finished end abuts guide rod collar. Lastly, the end cap is placed over the unfinished spring end.

Another bad situation!

To complete this page - look at this picture. It shows quite clearly just how much damage can occur when reassembly is incorrect. The unfinished spring end has been placed against the guide rod end collar .. note well - the severe damage that has occurred to the collar! Over time this just gets worse .. and the gun will be irrepairably damaged. ......... slide and frame included.


And last - just another view of the damage that can be sustained when the mainspring unfinished end is seated against the guide rod collar - instead of inside the end cap. Note well.!

Damage again!

I have not included lubrication data with these pictures, as this has been covered on another page already.

however, we have a scanned set of pic's from the current latest disassembly/lube manual as of Oct 2006.

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