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R9 Takedown, Updated Disassembly/Lube Manual

Dateline late October 2006 - following a frame of mine going back for Karl to wrestle with a jammed screw (sorry Karl!) - I received when it was returned the latest manual for disassembly and lube.

Some will know, some may not - that lub'ing now suggests a quality gun oil rather than the original Superlube grease of earlier days. I favor Militec1 for slide and Mobil1 for other places, altho I still might continue to use grease in places like the barrel lug slot and behind muzzle. Do not over-lube but neither let your pup go dry!

I have compressed the scanned pages below quite a lot so they are not too huge for download. This is much as anything to help update those with older guns.

Front cover

Page 2 - disassembly

Page 3 - Lubrication

Back page - Trigger assy and exploded diagram

Further Close-up pic's of the gun and components can be accessed on this page in fact there are now several pages showing parts and processes.

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