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Illustrations of the R9 compared with other guns and objects

Many people not familiar with the Rohrbaugh R9, despite perhaps having read the dimensions - find it difficult to ''see'' the gun's size.

Here, are some photographs to attempt to address that problem. The first set was supplied by ''Justin2992'' from the forum - and thanks to him.

I plan to add to this over time, both by taking further photographs myself, as well as placing others from any further sources.

Colt Official Police and R9 ........

Colt Official Police and R9

Glock 26 against R9 .........

Glock 26

Kel Tec P32 next to R9 .....

P32 and R9

H&K P7M8 compared with R9 .............

P7M8 and R9

Smith & Wesson 340PD against the R9 .......

340PD and R9

The Walther P22 with R9 .......

P22 and R9

Steyr USR and R9 ...........

Steyr USR and R9

The R9 with some vintage tools ........

R9 and tools of yesteryear

Even the pipe smoker and the gun get together! .......

R9 and pipe

Finally in this set - the R9 against an old ''cut-throat'' razor .........

R9 and razor

I have added a second section, of my own comparison pics ...........

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