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R9 Component Pictures

Further to the composite picture taken from the owner's manual ..... the following images show perhaps a little more detail and might act as a useful adjunct when familiarizing with the pistol.

After takedown by removal of retaining pin ........ we have the complete slide assembly (above) and below, the frame with grips removed but trigger mechanism all in place. The grips are currently retained with small screws that require an Allen wrench of 1/16" size. This should be a good quality item so as to be 0.625" and not less.

Right side with grip panel removed , slide assembly complete above

As previous picture but now, trigger and pin are removed, along with the transfer bar and associated spring. It is this latter that is retained by right side grip panel ... thus the reason for said panel not being allowed to loosen.

I have not removed the hammer to save any problems re-installing same and mainspring, but the mainspring plunger is clearly visible.

Right side of frame .. trigger and linkages removed, slide complete

This is purely to show a view of the left side of the frame. Note, the left side of the slide has the larger pin hole ... thru which pin removal is effected by application of a punch (1/16") from the right side (smaller hole).

Left side of frame, grip panel removed, slide complete

The slide alone - all components except extractor and firing pin are shown removed ..... thus, we have barrel and, recoil assembly.

NOTE well ..... the mainspring MUST have the formed end against the collar, and the unfinished end within the end cup. Orientation is as shown.

Dissasssembled slide.

Carbon fiber grip panels removed and showing internal surfaces. The right panel of course is relieved to accomodate the trigger transfer bar mechanism.

Inside of grip panels

Finally - a broken down magazine to show component parts. Stripping down of a magazine should not be required at all often, unless there has been ingress of dirt etc ... when of course scrupulous cleaning should be done. I personally consider some lube to be wise but kept minimal so as to avoid attracting crud too much.

Dissassembled magazine

The picture scanned from the manual can be found here.

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