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The R9 Recoil Spring Assembly

I am adding this page for two reasons primarily. One is to ensure that people are aware of the components and the correction orientation of the main spring.

Secondly, it is worthwhile to be able to see if the inner guide rod should ever become loose from its threaded attachment to the mainspring retaining collar/disk. This is normally secured and should not loosen but if it does, then effectively the critical guide rod length increases - which is prejudicial both to function and pistol structure.

Most recent thinking on spring replacement is every 100 rounds, to absolutely ensure the gun does not get beaten up, tho I certainly doubt running on beyond that somewhat is seriously prejudicial. It should be remembered this is not a recreational gun per se - it is for carry primarily.

Here is a picture of the disassembled components - it has had to be further reduced to fit this page so apolagies for the text being a little less than sharp.

Note - this picture shows an abnormal appearance to the retaining disk - it was at the time of photographing a half turn loosened, although it was reluctant to unscrew any further. Even this half turn represents a significant increase in length of the total inner guide rod assembly.

When cleaning the gun after takedown, inspect this carefully, to establish all is well. The end of the inner guide rod threaded portion should be effectively flush with the rear surface of the disk. Here it appears inset, that is the half turn - enough to notice. Furthermore, inspection of the inner guide rod about a quarter inch away from the disk will show a gap if loosening has occurred - normal fit will only show a barely perceptible join line.

If loosening has occurred this should be regarded as reason to return the guide rod assembly to the factory .. it requires I believe a strong thread locker to secure - probably after full disassembly and thorough degreasing. If in any doubt, contact the factory.

R9 recoil springs assembly

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