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Magazine Useage Options

Some people, myself included, are not quite as happy with a heel mag release as a ''conventional'' side release such as on 1911 and many semi's. That said - it is not that great of a problem really but does I think need some practice and technique to get down to a smooth operation.

Here, for what it is worth are some pics which try to show what works quite well for me. I had to shoot these by myself and so flash illumination is not that good or even the results.!

This description is as you'll see for right handed operation.

Withdrawal stage 1 - Have firm right hand grip but lower fingers out of the way. Have left forefinger ahead of the slight mag floorplate protrusion and use thumb to press rearward on heel release.

Withdrawal stage 1

Withdrawal stage 2 - Once thumb has pushed release back enough, mag disengages and forefinger at front makes a grip against the thumb at rear, so mag is now gripped at the base.

Withdrawal stage 2

Withdrawal stage 3 - Continue withdrawing mag' downwards until out of the mag' well.

Withdrawal stage 3

Insertion stage 1 - Have mag' slightly angled as per the picture and use rear face of mag' to apply pressure to the heel release, enough to force if back so mag' can begin to enter. Not shown here but some people find that keeping forefinger lined up along front of mag' facilitates finding the front of frame with finger tip at beginning of process.

Insertion stage 1

Insertion stage 2- Once mag' has begun to enter, change angle slightly per the picture and continue to push upwards and then allow natural alignment to take over. This ensures that if top round was not quite seated back in mag' then it will be corrected.

Insertion stage 2

Insertion stage 3- now alignment has been achieved, transfer driving pressure to the palm of left hand or heel of hand. This is where speed can be greatly accelerated.

Insertion stage 3

Insertion stage 4 - This is the completion of the final thrust home - a firm or even sharp force to fully ensure seating and making sure mag' release engages totally, and not partially.

Insertion stage 4

This is like most of my suggestions - just that! A method that works well for me but, it might give others something to work on when starting to find out what works best for them.

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