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Magazine Parts and assembly

Magazine maintainance is just another aspect of keeping a semi running reliably.

Over time with pocket carry lint can maybe get inside or even a few particles of grit - and these may prejudice operation. Therefore, from time to time it has to be worthwhile dismantling mag's to inspect and clean - good insurance! Perhaps the most critical component for freedom of operation is the follower, if that snags then a feed failure could occur.

Someone brought up the question as to which way the magazine spring should go in, so I thought a picture might help as a reminder.

Here are the components laid out, in the orientation relative to their positions. The easiest way I think to remember how the spring goes is to relate the angle of the follower to the angle of the spring end - that angle should be complimentary to both.

I regard this spring as symmetrical and so reversal end to end will not matter, just the correct insertion in the follower.

R9 magazine components

My own thinking on lube and magazines is - don't!!

Some mags will have a white lithium grease on the spring when new but I think to avoid accumulation of crud, things are best left dry, other than perhaps a small amount of dry-lube inside the casing to ensure max freedom for follower.

Goes without saying but - when removing mag' base plate - do watch out for the spring escaping energetically!

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