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Magazine Matters

A copy of my post on this matter from the forum -

''I could maybe have mentioned this before but forgot.

Despite all the ammo tests thru my first R9 - I did notice at quite a late stage that one mag presented the top round at a seemingly other than ideal angle - even if ''fiddled'' with. These mags worked OK most of time but, looking back - just perhaps it was the slightly ''rogue'' mag that might have given the odd FTF.

I measured the min dia across feed lips and it came out at 0.310". I sent Eric and Karl this pic and a similar one, to ask about it. I was sent two new mags which are 0.320" across min dia of feed lips... these are comparable with the mag feed lip dimensions in my #2 R9's mag's.

This is the latest mag I believe. Just mentioning because it strikes me the wider feed lip dimension better ensures the correct angle of round presentation to the feed ramp. Might always be worth a check to see what mags you in fact have.''

This pic is of the old mags .. one showing clearly its reluctance to allow top round to tip/present properly. GD's are shown here - the usual carry ammo. The 0.320" mags seem just fine.

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