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Grip Considerations

The R9 is a small gun - intended for pocket use for most part - and so the grips are small, even for those with smaller hands. The small size and mass do in my opinion allow for some problems in function if adequate grip style is not achieved.

A sloppy and loose grip can lead to limp-wristing, whereby the energy of recoil is passed on and into the loose hand and arm and dissipated - robbing energy that is needed for proper slide operation. I have my own favored method of holding the gun and it is for me a reliable method for large hands - maybe a useful way too for others.

I offer it in the pictures below very much ''as is'' - purely a suggestion and somewhere to start - based on ''it works for me''!

Stage 1 - placement of the strong hand to begin aquisition. Have gun backstrap well nestled into web of hand.

Grip hold #1

Stage 2 - final position of strong hand with grip established - this is a tight hold but not to extent that it produces tremors from over exertion.

Grip hold #2

Stage 3 - weak hand brought in to complete a two hand hold. I favor a crossed thumb lock - some prefer the thumbs parallel. No way tho should anyone attempt to shoot with weak hand thumb across rear, where slide may well remove a sizeable amount of flesh!!

Grip hold #3

This is not meant to definitive - just a suggestion, for new owners particularly. If anyone has other ideas on grip technique, please share that with us at the board - The Rohrbaugh Forum.

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