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Magazine Catch

I am posting these two pictures mainly just for reference.

Mention has been made of a situation where when the mag is full, at six rounds, it has been found to release when the gun is fired, five rounds apparently being no problem.

I am aware myself, that as with quite a few semi's - insertion of mag' at full capacity can be difficult - often needing a positive ''slam''. In case anyone else experiences this let me show in detail how the magazine catch should look when operating correctly. The tension comes from the mainspring and so should always be adequate, as should the undercut profile. If this all fails to maintain engagement then something is obviously amiss, which would be very unusual.

Here we have the magazine inserted and locked in place. Notice how the catch should be fully forward such that it engages on the small notch on the magazine baseplate. Should engagement fall short of this, then either the mag has not been sharply enough ''slammed'' to go all the way and/or there is a need to manually push catch forward to this position.

Magazine catch - fully engaged

This is the magazine unlatched as if ready for withdrawl, or prior to a ''slam'' to fully insert and engage. Note again, the notch in magazine baseplate.

Magazine released from catch

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