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Posting images on the forum

The software used for the Rohrbaugh forum has no provision for attaching files and so the only way to show images is by linking.

This requires therefore that folks will have to find somewhere to ''park'' their own pictures somewhere on a server. Many ISP's give some free web space, maybe only 20Mb but - this can still help as somewhere to keep images.

Failing that there are quite a few free image hosting sites these days - a search for such will turn up quite a few but many people use Photobucket and Imageshack to name two examples.

A suggestion and request - keep images limited in size physically and file size too. For most practical purposes 640x480 pixels is big enough and this can be compressed to around 50k without too much loss of quality. It helps dial-up people, saves space where you store them and, economizes on bandwidth when they are requested.

This is a screen grab of the forum reply window. The arrow points to the icon which brings up [img][/img] tags. It is within these that an image URL should be placed. Try and leave two lines clear between your image and any text, it looks better.

Message reply box and 'img' tags icon

Apart from your own personal pictures the same method can be used to show pictures from other sites, as long as they permit ''hot-linking". If you right click on a picture and look at ''properties'' this will give the URL of the image and then if that is highlighted you can right click ''copy'', then ''paste'' that information between [img] tags.

Note though - sometimes pictures are intended to open in a JScript window and then the properties URL will not work between image tags. You should generally look to be see the end of your desired image URL, to have the image file showing such as ''mypic.jpg'', or perhaps ''my pic.gif''.

Anyone interested in finding out more about digital images in general, go to my site IMAGE MATTERS - where I give some info' on numerous aspects, including posting, although that is actually specific to the last version of VBulletin and the High Road forum.

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