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Night Sights on R9?

During August 2004 we had a discussion on the forum regarding possibilities of fitting night sights to the R9. This initially seemed both feasable and for some, desirable. However, the upshot was that maybe this was not so practical after all on this gun's slide. I reproduce snippets of text from that thread so you can be better informed.

Kim's opening post was .........

'' I think many of you would like to know you can have Trijicon night sights installed on your R9S. I have attached a picture showing now they look (poor picture quality). This work is done by:
Tool Tech Gun
20 Church St
Oxford, MI 48371
248-628-1811 - ask for Gary
Cost $196.25
3 Trijicon insert @ $35 each
Gunsmithing $76.25
Return shipping $15

Trijicon sight inserts on the R9s slide

Following posts summarized were .....

''The hole for the rear and front sight are parallel to the top of the slide. Very precise work, there was no room for error. Gary at Tool Tech is a master at this type of work.''

''The turn around was just under two weeks. Of course it depends on the work load at Tool Tech. I had them do a S&W 340PD and it was over a month, they were doing a lot of work for the military at that time. Rohrbaugh knows about this installation. I don't know, but they may even consider this as an option. There was no metal remove that would weaken the slide. Tool Tech would never install sights on a firearm if it would weaken any part.''

''There is a problem with the front sight insert. It has broken twice from the recoil. I'm sending the pistol back again to Toolteck hopefully they can fix it so as not to recur again. I will be contacting Gary on Wednesday for an opion on the problem. And will keep you informed as I learn more.''

''After posting the above, I remembered a similar thread on the NAA forum.
Apparently, the "gutter snipe" sights offered by the NAA custom shop are not available on the .32 NAA caliber guns in part because the inserts tend to pop out under recoil and slide movement. There have been generally no problems with the Novak tritium sights on my .380 (identical to the .32NAA except for caliber), although 1 1/2 years later, the front sight is noticably dimmer than the rear but still usable.''

''I see all is not well in the world of night sights. Thanks for the link. Talked to Karl at Rohrbaugh and he did not encourage putting the night sights in because the metal is so thin in the front. At least if need be Karl said I can send the pistol back and they will fit a new slide. After reading the above link I don't hold out much hope for the Trijicon sights to stay in one piece very long. So unless there is something Toolteck can do to make the front insert strong enough to take the recoil. I don't recommend spending the money on this. ''

''I have Tritium sights on my NAA G-380, and I appreciate them. However, I have always wondered if I were not attempting to "guild a Lilly" by having them installed.''

Some information on sights appearance and the use of sight paint is discussed here.

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