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Grip Tape, as an Add-on

Quite a few R9 owners have found, myself included, that when hands are sweaty in particular, the gun is not that easy to hold and feel secure. One or two people have had success fitting small and cut down Hogue HandAlls but also what is often seen as skate-board tape can be used. I have this on a Browning Hi Power and it works well.

I had looked and hoped to find a 1" roll of 3M grip tape, as had been used by others but instead made do with a roll of ''Duck'' tread tape. This is 2" wide, not very cheap and also has a pretty coarse grit embedded - maybe the 3M is a bit finer but in fact this serves well for me, no problem. I will be able to use more of the roll for porch steps so - not going to waste!

My method of application may or may not suit others, having decided to be somewhat ''minimalist'' about it. In front I did not want to extend onto the ''curl'' up to trigger guard and to rear, also wanted to only place tape on the straight section. In practice this feels just fine - giving better security for middle finger up front and the palm/heel of hand at rear benefits just fine from the area covered.

On the pics below you may notice on the rear view, also, the dots of ''Bright Sights'' I applied a some time ago. In good light they do help a bit.

R9 grip tape rear view

R9 grip tape front view

Any suggestions, or fresh idea people may have on this matter of grip tape application etc - please let me know through the The Rohrbaugh Forum.

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