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NEW! - 11/15/06 -

We now have a dynamic menu on the left - this gets rid of the rather full and chaotic original index page. The top button is your menu for subjects, and below that the same button links I had before - going to pages of mine of interest elsewhere.

The menu content is large and there is a slight delay as it loads its files, which I hope you will not find a problem. You will need browser scripting enabled and hopefully this menu will be suitably cross-browser compatible.

Rather than devote new pages to all aspects of news and perhaps even trivia, this page will for now at least serve as a location for such bits and pieces!

Any board members who feel there is some small item that could well fit in here please contact me there.

October 2006.

I have learned from Eric that tolerances have been ever so slightly eased between frame and slide. In the order of 0.0075" each side.

This is to help with freer running and good lube retention. I have not found my tighter tolerance early models any problem but both are anyways well broken in.

One or two people reported seeing their slide rear portion seeming to slightly ''overhang'' the frame beneath when closed.

We would normally when the gun is in battery expect to see the two surfaces flush but apparently there were a few slides that were marginally plus on length tolerance and so, no functional problems at all and purely a small matter of aesthetics. This has been corrected of course.

I have some new Wolff springs I hope to test tho right now not sure when! Chrome/silicone wire 0.044" as against the regular ones which are 0.042". They could it seems take less of a ''set'' when installed.

These days the recommendation for spring changing is down to 100 rounds. That is IMO purely to keep to a minimum any risk of ''beating up the pup''!

July 2007

Well - forgive the long time period since last comments - don't the months just fly!

I have just spoken with Eric and gleaned some small snippets of information which may help in a sense to act as an update to the R9's further changes and/or improvements. It just gets better and better.

1) - A price check as of now is, Two-Tone R9 at retail $1050.00, and the ''Stealth" (all black) at retail $1099.00

2) - A beneficial change has been made to recoil springs - and it is noted that Rohrbaugh does NOT favor the Chrome/silicon as a route to improvement or longevity. The latest spring choice is now featuring both ends finished and so it is reversible. Finding a spring to deal with the short travel in this small gun and caliber is more than a challenge but it would seem that for now at least, the best has been found.

3) - Frame/slide tolerances have been slightly opened out in recent times, such that the cumulative extra freedom is in region of 0.005". Very small change but this helps the gun run even better.

4) - Barrel and slide materials have now been made common with beneficial results. The slide used to be 17/4 grade stainless but now that is 416 the same as the barrel and no galling problems - this since around last month.

5) - Chamber finishing is now even more perfectionist! After the main CNC work the final stage to remove the last 0.002" is by a finish reamer, giving a mirror finish.

6) - Some people may know that the mag' springs are now a bit uprated and some have gone out with the new 13 turn versions. From further experimentation it has been found that a 12 turn is maybe the optimum compromize- but the end result anyways is a better ''push''. New style followers are also in the works.

7) - Lock up has been slightly beneficially modified.

Finally, for those wondering about the availability of the new R380 - right now the best hoped for arrival is estimated to be early in 2008. Progress has been good towards production but some work remains.

January 2010

Since this site had its original rather basic build, now 6 years ago, time has flown!! The R9 has gone from strength to strength and now we have the 380 with us too.

The 380 is essentially an R9 modified for this chambering - a report by Duane Daiker in the Nov/Dec 2009 issue of Concealed Carry Magazine, referred to it as a soft recoiling .380 ideally suited to recoil sensitive shooters. It should do very well indeed.

While some aspects within the site may now be outdated, overall it is being left up as it does contain quite a lot of useful suggestions and interest. Only a few days ago this site and others were all moved to new servers with a new host - inevitably that, plus domain moves, led to some down time but also the chance for errors creeping in.

If any glitches that have been overlooked are found, please email with a report, or useful comment. Please, no spam!

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