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Stills Sequence Video of takedown, reassembly and Lubrication.

Well, another video but this time based on a set of still images. These were taken by forum member "TW" when he was at the factory and Eric ran through aspects of gun maintainance by demonstration.

This video along with the ones of my own operations should hopefully, between them, help most folks new to the proceedures to manage better. The pic's below are just sample frames from the whole video.

There are two files available. one of which has been reduced rather harshly, but that one might help for folks relying on dial-up. If possible take the large file which displays at 320x240 and is clearer. In fact the Media Player window can be stretched a bit bigger and still not be too bad.

Late addition (12/25/05) - I have also put the stills into a PDF file (1.9Mb) so if you want that for reference it might be handy to have as well. Right click on the link and do a 'save as'' to store on your own hard drive.

Please note! - prior to my updating this material, please check out the latest manual pages on disassembly and lube - things are different with lubrication. So, where we see reference to grease we now are talking good quality oil.

Just the intro screen, showing a hopefully not too unfamilair small pistol! This one is in case you are unaware - one of relatively few in the early days from Farmingdale and so a ''silver'' color frame, and the earlier blue CF grips. Frames now are a very dark grey color and grips currently black.

Thanks again due to "TW" for taking all the pictures. Background music is by Jennifer Athena Galatis - "Spheres Opening Theme".

Video title screen

Video stills compilation - lo-res (2.2Mb)
Video stills compilation - hi-res
PDF file (1.9Mb)

This shows Eric employing his one hand hold in order to keep the slide open for pin extraction or re-insertion.

It is in fact remarkably efficient and manageable, needing less hand strength than my own old method (per my own video). I think most people if they try and emulate this will find it is not hard to do.

Eric's one hand hold

Video stills compilation - lo-res (2.2Mb)
Video stills compilation - hi-res

PDF file (1.9Mb)

This is one of the frames showing lubrication of the gun - here recoil assembly inner guide rod and spring.

I would mention that oil application can be very sparing and I personally these days favor Mobil 1 for the job. Certainly anways, not a super thin oil like 3-in-1 - there is a need for some viscosity better than water!!

Oil on to inner spring and guide rod

Video stills compilation - lo-res (2.2Mb)
Video stills compilation - hi-res

PDF file (1.9Mb)

In my own video on reassembly I used just my hands (and the occasional cuss!) to reinsert the recoil assembly but this is not too easy, and certainly not something everyone finds feasable.

Eric here demonstrates the process using channel lock pliers and it is probably the ideal and easier method. I would stress though - good quality pliers with crisp undamaged jaws. Note also how the position selected ensures both jaws parallel - most important so compressed assembly cannot come out of the grip and parts fly everywhere!

Channel locks useage

Video stills compilation - lo-res (2.2Mb)
Video stills compilation - hi-res

PDF file (1.9Mb)

This is not a view many see, at least not in the early days of ownership. I personally would not include this area for the routine clean and re-lube each 50 rounds or so.

Much may depend on carry conditions and carry duration, more than shots fired. Eventually there could be some slight ingress of crud and dissipation of existing lubricant and so good judgement is probably the way to go.

Please note - use a good quality Allen wrench - 1/16" (0.0625") - so that it engages snug in screw heads. Even one thou undersize with poor quality wrenches will be bad news, quickly!

Even assuming some Loctite has been used on right panel screws, do check them periodically as loosening is very undesirable.

Right grip panel removed

Video stills compilation - lo-res (2.2Mb)
Video stills compilation - hi-res

PDF file (1.9Mb)

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