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Grip Screw Matters

The diagram below was something I drew up a while ago, to give some reasonably close dimensional information on the screws in use - it was made from an actual screw so allow for some slight tolerance inaccuracy. I reproduce it in case it helps, and have discovered that one forum member managed to find the same screw re thread and length but with a Philips head - which he used to replace a damaged original.

The CAD program seemed to set the countersink at 80º after drawing it up but in fact it would be more likely to be 90º.

Note, as of Oct 2006, new screws are being made from harder material - in fact the same as the slide itself. It is still however essential to use a good quality Allen wrench.

The main consideration with preserving the original grip screws is the use of a quality Allen wrench - NOT a cheap sloppy tolerance import!! This drawing shows 0.064" as across flats measurement for the female hex but - in fact it is probably slightly less than that. Be sure to use a wrench which is genuine 1/16" (0.0625") so as to ensure a crisp fit - any ''slop'' will quickly distort the screw hex slot.

The R9 grip screw profile

If you do suffer sufficient distortion of the screw hex slot such that it will no longer come out then, please be very careful over drilling an old one out. One or two R9 owners have done it and succeeded but be warned, a small slip off center when drilling will, if impacting the aluminum frame threads, readily cause significant damage.

I would personally suggest if entertaining this, the use of a proper drill press, to ensure the drill runs square to the screw. Secondly I would suggest care in selection of drill size so as to exploit the worn hex socket to help stay on center. Drill very slow and use cutting oil with very gradual feed. The final use of a small ''Easy Out'' may well help finish the process.

Failing all this - play safe and return the frame to Rohrbaugh!

Any further input on this from people who have had to drill out a damaged screw would be appreciated, in order to help others. Let me know through the The Rohrbaugh Forum.

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