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♦  The New R 380  ♦

The New R.380
Date line February 11th 2009! Rohrbaugh has released K101 - the very first of the initial batch of 100 R .380 pistols to be sent out. This is in appearance like the R9.

Pricing is $1150 for the Two Tone, $1195 for the "Stealth", and $1395 for the "Elite". There is also the Robar Rohrbaugh at $1795 and the SF at $1795.

Click on a small pic below to view larger.

R .380
Side view of the new R .380
R .380
Close up of the muzzle end of the slide of the R .380


(Note - the site is now quite old!  It was originally just a very basic build and much info was relative to the early days of the R9. Gun refinements have been made over time but the information here is still hopefully of interest and much still relevant. Contact if required. Please, no spam.
Over in The Rohrbaugh Forum we have been collecting information for some while now via posts, and it seemed useful to combine all those items, and more, specific to the R9 ownership and maintainance and put them together in one place, here - the better to enable quick access.

This site is loosely an FAQ type approach, illustrating where possible with images, but also have odd items of general interest (instance a Rohrbaugh factory visit - albeit what is now the old factory). Those reading through here for information - if you do not find what you are looking for, then drop in to the Rohrbaugh Forum and post your specific query.

Much here is somewhat archived information from the early days of the R9 in 2004.  Hopefully there is still interest and information to prove useful.

** There is a dynamic menu on the left -  the top button is your menu for subjects, and below that the same button links we had before - going to pages of interest elsewhere.

The menu content is large and there is a slight delay as it loads which it is hoped you will not find a problem. You will need browser scripting enabled and this menu should be mostly cross-browser compatible. **

Some Information on the gun itself


Caliber 9mm standard pressure parabellum only
Weight 12.8 oz. Carbon Fiber and G10 grips
Magazine capacity 6 rounds
Total capacity 6 plus one in the chamber
 Loaded chamber indicator/extractor lever
Operation Double action only
Action Semi automatic, locked breech action
Sights Model R9 - sightless. Model R9s - sighted (fixed)
Overall length 5.2 inches
Overall height 3.7 inches
Slide width 0.812 inches
Barrel length 2.9 inches
Frame * 7075 Aluminum
Slide * 17 - 4 Stainless Steel
Barrel * 416 stainless steel. Free-bored for 0.250 inch
* CNC machined from precision billets
NOTE - Rohrbaugh Firearms reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

A small addition to this, from my own experience - the gun when stoked 6+1 weighs around 17 ounces total. That is the weight you'll experience in normal carry mode.

Important additional safety notes!
     There is NO SLIDE LOCK!
The slide will not stay open after the last round
The gun will fire without a magazine!
Right side grip panel screws MUST BE KEPT SNUG or GUN CAN MALFUNCTION

Another point which should be noted, is the recommendation that the main spring in the recoil assembly be replaced every 100 rounds (latest figure). The manual takedown picture sequence can be found here. This is updated and shows the latest lube recommendations per Oct 2006.

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