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Duane's Factory Visit - October 2004

Part IV

The frames are then bead blasted to prepare them for anodizing. This is one of the bead blasters.

There is actually one for rough blasting and one for the finer finish.

Bead blast machine

A good bead-blasted finish is critical to a proper annodization, so much care is taken as this stage, and any rough handling after blasting will require a re-do. The blasted frames are stored in a box like this one to protect them while waiting to be sent out for annodization.

The frame on the right is not yet bead blasted, and the frame on the left is finished.

Before & after bead blasting

There are a couple of steps relating to barrel prep that are proprietary, and Eric would only discuss them in broad generalities. I won't discuss them at all here.

This is the engraving machine that puts all the lettering and numbering on the slides.

Engraving Machine

When all the parts are ready, they are painstakingly assembled by Karl Rohrbaugh or Steve Reuter.

This is the work area. Note the can of Superlube!

Assembly work area

Here are some of the parts bins necessary for assembly.

Parts bins

Factory Tour continued - Part V

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