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Duane's Factory Visit - October 2004

Part V

I thought this was interesting - a grip panel with a cut-out so Karl and Steve can look inside and see what is going on with the internals to help diagnose a problem.

Grip set - to permit inspection of internals

From here, the gun is carefully inspected and tolerances measured. It is then test fired in a small test range set up just off the gunsmithing area.

Here is a picture of Eric test firing an R-9.

Test firing an R9

Each gun is then cleaned and carefully packaged by Eric.

Here is Eric getting an R-9 cleaned up and ready for shipment.

Pre-shipping checks

Here is a photo of Eric's personal gun (Serial No. 2 - guess who has No. 1?) in a Hedley holster. And yes - I checked - its full of Gold Dots!

Eric Rohrbaugh's personal R9

RJ's drawing of this prototype holster also hung on the wall in the office.

RJ Headley's holster prototype drawing

Factory Tour continued - Part VI - final section

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