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Duane's Factory Visit - October 2004

Part III

This is the machine that cuts the slides.

Slide cutting machine

Cutting the slides is also a two step process.

Here is an example of the three stages:

1) uncut block of raw material,
2) inside rails and dimensions cut - the top you can't see is still square,
3) final product.

Two steps of slide production

The barrels are cut on a different type of machine.

Here is some of the raw stock stainless steel for the barrels.

Barrel blanks

The barrels are then fed into this machine for cutting.

Swarf is collected in bins

Once all this is done, the parts are hand polished and finished with old fashioned low tech jeweler's tools.

Here is the desk where this is done.

Polishing & finishing desk

Factory Tour continued - Part IV

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