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Illustrations of the R9 compared with other guns and objects II

To supplement previous pic's, I have taken the following.

They are partly useful and partly ''tongue-in-cheek'' in as much as, some comparisons are wildly ''over the top''! However, these may still prove of interest, both as pure comparison as well as outrageously absurd!

The Bersa Thunder is a useful pocket pistol, if a bit heavy. It is in .380 cal (9x17) and useful nonetheless. Here with the R9 we can see it is substantially larger.

Bersa Thunder and R9

The Browning HiPower Practical is also 9mm ... and of course a lot larger. A great carry piece but - look at the R9's relatively diminutive scale ... and yet also itself 9mm.

The Browning Hi Power Practical compared with R9

Here the R9 is against a CZ-52 ..... hardly the archetypal carry piece but for some, worth consideration. Quite a difference in scale!

R9 and CZ-52

The Smith and Wesson Model 27 (here a M27-2 in 5" bbl) .... is a large gun by any standards ..... and against the R9 looks almost gargantuan!

Smith M27-2 5

The Makarov, in 9mm Makarov (9x18) is a popular gun, if only because of low prices. It is a viable carry piece, very reliable but as can be seen ........ significantly larger than R9, and of course heavier also.

Makarov vs R9

The Para Ordnance P12-45 is quite a compact carry piece but - way larger than the R9 - and of course much heavier, but in .45acp cal.

R9 and Para P12

Kel Tech's P3-AT is actually smaller than the R9 .. and lighter but - using the .380 cal round (9x17). A very pocketable piece but - not in the league of the Rohrbaugh I would say.

P3-AT and R9

Another 9mm comparison. The Ruger P95DC .. against the R9. Big size difference. The P95 will accept +P ammo but .... is a large gun to tote, tho I have used mine for carry in the past quite a bit.

Ruger P95 and R9

This Colt Sistema is effectively a Colt Government model. It is large and heavy, tho of course using the .45acp round - a true ''full size''. By comparison, the R9 is quite a ''shrimp''!!

R9 and Colt Sistema

Here is my daily carry - the Ruger SP-101. Significantly larger than R9 and heavier too. It is relegated however to non duty when circumstances dicate, when the R9 takes over as the all but ultimate 9mm pocket carry..

SP-101 vs the R9

My SW99 is quite a compact 9mm ... tho obviously larger than the Rohrbaugh. It is however quite light and so a viable carry option. When push comes to shove however and concealed has to mean concealed - it is over to R9 ... for maximum concealability.

SW99 and R9

OK - tongue in cheek here! My Raging Bull in .454 Casull ... stacked up against the R9. Of course - somewhat of a difference in scale!

.454 cal Raging Bull and R9!

Hmmm ... no contest here either! Further tongue in cheek. The BFR from Magnum Research is chambered in 45-70 .. it is indeed a large gun!! The R9 is by comparison rather diminutive but - well - the BFR is hardly a carry piece!

BFR in 45-70 vs R9

Further assorted comparison pics can be found in section III.

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